Hi guys so I stumbled upon an exquisite post today and it caught my attention immediately. I mean how many times do we judge a book by its cover not even bothering to read the whole book
Credits to Kayumbabrian for this eye opener!

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When I was young, I judged situations by what I looked at and not what I saw.

Me and my friends laughed at the inebriate man that was always passed out flat on his face on the lawn of his backyard. We thought he was just a failure in life and was just trying to find courage to go on at the bottom of the bottle.

Across the street lived a preacher. His wife always waved good morning to the neighbors from a distance and returned expeditiously to the comfort of her home as if she was playing hide and seek with the sun.

I also recall my high school best friend who always sat quite in the corner of the class room with his face deeply drowned in the pages of the text book and fingers glued to the pen. Other kids at school thought he was too shy…

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