Our time as Kids

playground0-1-1492001 A playground now just filled with our memories.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane for a few minutes. I mean how many of us actually have time to do that on a daily basis whilst dealing with our busy lives?

When you do get the time though, don’t you just miss when everything was much easier? When we were young we couldn’t wait to be adults and now that we are adults we wish to be kids again… *smh* The aspects of life

I remember being a kid, the only thing I ever worried about was whether my friends were going to come out to play or not. That’s it! Nothing more, nothing less. Fast forward to the present; here I am having to deal with every thing life throws at me. I don’t even think I’m barely coping

If one doesn’t have to deal with the stress of assignments, tests or exams then it is bills, bills, bills! Life doesn’t get easier from here on.

Is it a bad thing that I want to be a kid again? Even if it’s just for a couple of hours. I want to go back to the times when I played “Marabaraba” with my friends or “Mogusha” I’m telling you that those were the days. For those who don’t understand what I said, feel free to ask

A trip down memory lane is always good for healing, it’s like a Bookmark in our lives filled with excellent memories; there for us to revisit whenever we are having bad days in our lives


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Another Day, Another Mask


I was certainly never around I’m the early earth days but apparently life was much more sophisticated than it is now. Sophisticated in terms of technology? NO. Sophisticated in terms of Humanity? Yes.

A lot of people got along together as compared to now and this is what brings me to this article. Everyday I wake up to this agonising world, yeah there is sunshine but I’m surrounded by darkness as if the rays from the sun just refuse to enter my room.

I wake up to my normal routine as every other human and finally the time comes to leave my room and there I am standing in my cupboard looking at my various masks, I know I have to pick the right mask to fit the day to avoid being judged by society and finally I’m standing in front of the mirror, looking at a face that I can barely recognise… I take one last sigh before leaving my room to go face the world outside of my perfect place.

Reminiscing alone, I tell myself that later everything is going to change. When I get back home, I’m going to take off this mask and tomorrow I’m finally going to face the world as ME!

But then the question remains; Why do I put on a mask in the first place? Because the world has certain standards that a person has to meet in order to be classified as ‘normal’. If you don’t meet those requirements; if you are different in any way then you are viewed as a ‘Weirdo’ and that’s when people laugh at you and no one wants to be around you.

I mean no one wants to be lonely. We all want to have people we can turn to whenever we are sad; we all want to have friends we can laugh with, attend late parties with and create new memories with. Locking yourself in your room the entire day starring at your screen is not the typical way to live your life. I mean, I personally know that I don’t want to wake up one day and realize that I wasted my life without any passion.

At least with a Mask, I am able to make friends; I am loved by society for someone I am not. At least with a Mask, I am able to chase my dreams and achieve my goals. So then another day comes and I take one last breath before putting on another mask to go please the world.


Hi guys so I stumbled upon an exquisite post today and it caught my attention immediately. I mean how many times do we judge a book by its cover not even bothering to read the whole book
Credits to Kayumbabrian for this eye opener!

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When I was young, I judged situations by what I looked at and not what I saw.

Me and my friends laughed at the inebriate man that was always passed out flat on his face on the lawn of his backyard. We thought he was just a failure in life and was just trying to find courage to go on at the bottom of the bottle.

Across the street lived a preacher. His wife always waved good morning to the neighbors from a distance and returned expeditiously to the comfort of her home as if she was playing hide and seek with the sun.

I also recall my high school best friend who always sat quite in the corner of the class room with his face deeply drowned in the pages of the text book and fingers glued to the pen. Other kids at school thought he was too shy…

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Goodbye Old Wounds

I’ve been reminiscing about writing this for a long time now ( Please forgive me for that) I thought I had it all figured out. Today all of a sudden when I was getting ready for bed, I become sad for a lot of reasons and that’s when I knew that I had to write something.

Since I found out the truth, I’m unable to let go. I don’t know how most people do it; smile through the pain, forgive the worst and move on. I can’t do that, I’m only human. I feel pain and anger… My hypothalamus functions in the worst way possible.

But how could she use me like that? She came in the form of a serpant, disguised under a beautiful mask. Her master had set out one mission for her; to destroy me and leave me for dead. And I have to congratulate her because it worked brilliantly! Even better than they had imagined.

I’m cold inside, I can hardly trust people and as for love; I’m divorcing her, its only my destiny. She hurts me every time. I can barely get up now, I’m wounded all over. I can’t help but stare at my bleeding heart, I wonder who’s going to be willing to take care of it now when it’s all damaged like that. I’m going to fulfill my purpose but doing that won’t be easy that’s why I need to go find myself and now I say goodbye to the old wounds, they aren’t a part of me anymore…

How do you get up and say “I love you”

I’m sure we’ve all met a guarded girl or guy (Yes, even men do become guarded. We just show it differently) and thought maybe they were seeking attention one way or the other…

She promised me she was never going to leave me after all that we had been through. I invested my time in her because she simply told me that she was different, She said she loved me. It was pretty deep because when someone says they love you, they mean it right? WRONG

Maybe in the past generations, back before the world became a dark place maybe then it would have made a huge difference but these days even children know how to use that word. But exactly how many of them know what it means?

I was distraught by how she just up and left me without any explanation. I had my life planned out perfectly and she was in my plans. How then do I go back, sit down and draft another plan without her. A plan that’s written “Lonely” all over. The worst part is it’s not the first time someone promised me a future and left me in their past. Now it just feels like my life is a marathon, I’ve been watching the same movie from a young age that I know exactly what is going to happen in the next scene.

I do get thoughts as to whether Hapiness wants me to be in her life. Every time I try to greet her, she treats me like those people who have a mission to screw up her life and leave.

People do change and in fact those past relationships have had an influence on the type of person I have become; a cold hearted guy who has distanced himself from the world. A lot of us are defined by our past… maybe we really should stop wasting the present by being in past but how do we do that?

I know that this is unfair on the people who really want to see me happy but after having your heart mishandled, being kicked down whilst at it, getting back up and trying to love again only to have history repeat itself, and now you are just there sick of it all trying to conceal your emotions because your heart can’t stop bleeding and no amount of glue will put the pieces back together; how then do you get up and say “I love you”?

Betrayal! The worst of it all!!

It took me quite some time to actually familiarize myself with the term that says “It’s the people closest to you that hurt you the most”. I’m quite a stubborn person so I refused to accept it at first but a couple of years later, I stand by that quote without any hesitation.

Why you ask?

Well it doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that betrayal is a part of life. Your best friend whom you tell every secret, well turns out she’s sleeping with your man or the very same friend you trusted to submit your varsity application, missed the deadline on purpose.

What do you do then? Of course you deserve to feel like it’s your back against the wall; it’s you against the world; no one wants to see you succeed in life; everyone wants to take what’s yours… No one really should judge you whenever feel like that. Because I’ll let you in on a secret, everyone feels like that from time to time.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t trust anyone but trust is like an eraser…. Are you going to give them the joy of seeing you fail at life? Or give them sleepless nights and make them wonder what your next alternative is?

It’s really up to you but If I allowed myself to lay low every time life kicked me down, I wouldn’t be writing this post. I’d still be in my room crying over my ex who left with my best friend.

I still do feel pain from time to time but the difference is that I don’t let it affect me. I really do miss the Fifa games with my best friend where I’d give him the beating of a life time and I surely do miss the long night conversations with my girlfriend but truth is they are gone and that’s the sad truth.

Give life instead of taking away your own because I do promise you that greatness awaits all you need to do is lose sleep over your dream and if you don’t make it, try harder!

Make them cry over hurting you, it’s time life went your way. Stare life in the face and say “I’m taking you on, hit me with your best shot”

It doesn’t matter what you believe in but when one door closes, another one opens. From today onwards I say it’s not your battle to win anymore but it’s yours to lose. The ball is in your court now…





Relationship Problems 101


I would like for you at this very instance to raise your hand up high if you have never had your heart broken, cheated on or betrayed. The stage is yours, whether you are in the subway, in school or sipping a hot cup of coffee next to your boss and you’re on your last warning; Scream out loud and say “I made it!”

Now, how many of you were able to raise their hands up high and scream? Well let me calculate the statistics quickly… 0% – that’s how many people past their teenage years were able to scream out loud.

They all tell you that heart breaks are a part of life. However, do they realize the impact that these ‘simple’ heart breaks have on our lives? They expect us to be strong and quickly move on but that’s not how the human heart was made. It was made to feel emotions, in the end that’s what keeps alive in the end.

I refuse to simply ignore my feelings and hide the pain! I have to deal with this so that I can move on with my life with no regrets left behind. I’ll be blogging about Life Problems on a weekly basis so if you are part of the 100% out there who have dealt with pain then stay close to my blogs hence what is coming from now on is gonna be amazing. NO more will you have to lock yourself in the room crying the entire weekend just to try and forget. We are in this together!


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