Another Day, Another Mask


I was certainly never around I’m the early earth days but apparently life was much more sophisticated than it is now. Sophisticated in terms of technology? NO. Sophisticated in terms of Humanity? Yes.

A lot of people got along together as compared to now and this is what brings me to this article. Everyday I wake up to this agonising world, yeah there is sunshine but I’m surrounded by darkness as if the rays from the sun just refuse to enter my room.

I wake up to my normal routine as every other human and finally the time comes to leave my room and there I am standing in my cupboard looking at my various masks, I know I have to pick the right mask to fit the day to avoid being judged by society and finally I’m standing in front of the mirror, looking at a face that I can barely recognise… I take one last sigh before leaving my room to go face the world outside of my perfect place.

Reminiscing alone, I tell myself that later everything is going to change. When I get back home, I’m going to take off this mask and tomorrow I’m finally going to face the world as ME!

But then the question remains; Why do I put on a mask in the first place? Because the world has certain standards that a person has to meet in order to be classified as ‘normal’. If you don’t meet those requirements; if you are different in any way then you are viewed as a ‘Weirdo’ and that’s when people laugh at you and no one wants to be around you.

I mean no one wants to be lonely. We all want to have people we can turn to whenever we are sad; we all want to have friends we can laugh with, attend late parties with and create new memories with. Locking yourself in your room the entire day starring at your screen is not the typical way to live your life. I mean, I personally know that I don’t want to wake up one day and realize that I wasted my life without any passion.

At least with a Mask, I am able to make friends; I am loved by society for someone I am not. At least with a Mask, I am able to chase my dreams and achieve my goals. So then another day comes and I take one last breath before putting on another mask to go please the world.


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