Relationship Problems 101


I would like for you at this very instance to raise your hand up high if you have never had your heart broken, cheated on or betrayed. The stage is yours, whether you are in the subway, in school or sipping a hot cup of coffee next to your boss and you’re on your last warning; Scream out loud and say “I made it!”

Now, how many of you were able to raise their hands up high and scream? Well let me calculate the statistics quickly… 0% – that’s how many people past their teenage years were able to scream out loud.

They all tell you that heart breaks are a part of life. However, do they realize the impact that these ‘simple’ heart breaks have on our lives? They expect us to be strong and quickly move on but that’s not how the human heart was made. It was made to feel emotions, in the end that’s what keeps alive in the end.

I refuse to simply ignore my feelings and hide the pain! I have to deal with this so that I can move on with my life with no regrets left behind. I’ll be blogging about Life Problems on a weekly basis so if you are part of the 100% out there who have dealt with pain then stay close to my blogs hence what is coming from now on is gonna be amazing. NO more will you have to lock yourself in the room crying the entire weekend just to try and forget. We are in this together!


9 thoughts on “Relationship Problems 101

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    1. Everything is true about what you just mentioned! And I just told a friend of mine that he cannot find happiness in other people, he needs to find it within himself before seeking it somewhere else. We’ve all had our hearts broken and it sucks but it’s how you deal with it that matters the most. Your comment took the words out of my mouth, I really do appreciate comments like this that let me know im not the only one

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