Betrayal! The worst of it all!!

It took me quite some time to actually familiarize myself with the term that says “It’s the people closest to you that hurt you the most”. I’m quite a stubborn person so I refused to accept it at first but a couple of years later, I stand by that quote without any hesitation.

Why you ask?

Well it doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that betrayal is a part of life. Your best friend whom you tell every secret, well turns out she’s sleeping with your man or the very same friend you trusted to submit your varsity application, missed the deadline on purpose.

What do you do then? Of course you deserve to feel like it’s your back against the wall; it’s you against the world; no one wants to see you succeed in life; everyone wants to take what’s yours… No one really should judge you whenever feel like that. Because I’ll let you in on a secret, everyone feels like that from time to time.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t trust anyone but trust is like an eraser…. Are you going to give them the joy of seeing you fail at life? Or give them sleepless nights and make them wonder what your next alternative is?

It’s really up to you but If I allowed myself to lay low every time life kicked me down, I wouldn’t be writing this post. I’d still be in my room crying over my ex who left with my best friend.

I still do feel pain from time to time but the difference is that I don’t let it affect me. I really do miss the Fifa games with my best friend where I’d give him the beating of a life time and I surely do miss the long night conversations with my girlfriend but truth is they are gone and that’s the sad truth.

Give life instead of taking away your own because I do promise you that greatness awaits all you need to do is lose sleep over your dream and if you don’t make it, try harder!

Make them cry over hurting you, it’s time life went your way. Stare life in the face and say “I’m taking you on, hit me with your best shot”

It doesn’t matter what you believe in but when one door closes, another one opens. From today onwards I say it’s not your battle to win anymore but it’s yours to lose. The ball is in your court now…





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  1. Yaaaasssss!! I got sick and the guy I was dating left me for our good friend, they are happily and guilty-free tgt up till now and all our friends from the SAME church community left me. Betrayal destroys you. You can heal eventually but you’ll never be the same. Looking forward to your posts 🙂

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